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     Year  Event  Attendees  Partner/Client
     2007 Annual Educational Conference Dinner and Social Program Management 150  Businet CO
     2007  International Conference “CEPT ECC WGFM PT22” (Gala dinner and Social Program Management) 60  Latvia State Electronical Comunication Inspection
     2007  CE Area Leadership Meeting Riga, Gala Dinner and Social Program Management 30  Kraft Food SIA
     2007  Official 5 Year Anniversary of Riga Customs Office 250  Regional Office of Riga Customs
     2007  Pre-Conference Get-Together Dinner 100  Meža īpašnieku biedrība
     2007 International Conference “Protection and Regeneration of the World Heritage Sites in Contemporary Environment” 120  Riga City Council in cooperation with City Council of Lion (France)
     2007  Pre-Conference Get-Together dinner and social program management 70  ADshop Ltd.
     2007  Baltic Region Annual Conference + Team building events 60  Novartis Pharma Services AG
     2007  Annual Customer Party in Arena Riga 9135  Eastcon AG LV SIA
     2007  Corporate Clients Meeting and Social Event 30  Exit Ltd
     2007  NESTE Oil Ltd International Board Meeting in Riga 2007 (Ground Logistic Services, Social Program) 150  Meduza Ltd
     2007  Riga City Tour for Reval Hotels Corporate Clients (3 groups) 30  Reval Hotel Latvia
     2007  Spain National Football Team Official Euro 2008 Qualification Round in Riga, Full Ground Logistic Services 100  Spain National Football Team
     2007  VIP Transfer Services For Annual Meeting Participants 30  Volvo Truck Ltd
     2007 “Rettig ICC B.V.” Conference Interpreting Services (English –Latvian -Russian)  Rettig ICC B.V.
     2007  Seasonal Daily Christmas Entertainment Activities in One of the Biggest Shopping Malls in Riga  Shopping Centre Spice