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BALTA Station


Event format: Corporate event, award ceremony.

Participants: 460


Year: 2020



BALTA station is a special place. Trains arrive at this station from near and far destinations, as well as every stop in Latvia, where BALTA lives. As in an authentic station, a variety of people meet and the most unexpected things happen. Even in the award ceremony, the best travelers of this year are presented with real, gilded railroad nails.




Venue: Hanzas Perons
Audiovisual solutions: ProSound, VPT Grupa
Scenography: StageArt, Miķelis Šķila
VJ: Edgars Sviklis
Catering: Kaļķu vārti
Music: Ralfs Eilands, Dziļi Violets, CocoOrchestra, DJ Spinga
Entertainement: Vibe deju studija
Photo: Sanita Andiņa, Toms Norde
Video: Jurģis Rudzmiezis
Masters of ceremonies: Oskars Lepers

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Contact us

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